I'm Nalden - a father of two, husband to one, founder and investor of some.

Am I becoming someone new or returning to myself?

Started with a blog, now we here... again. This site has always been my playground. A place where you can hang out and chill. It's where I share musings with a dose of optimism about interesting people and the wonderful things in life. It's my way of nurturing curiosity, toying around with ideas and prac­tic­e the craft of writ­ing. Props naar de webmaster en de watskeburt Rafa Cobiella for collaborating on this.

Nowadays, most of my time is split between family and startups. When I'm not doing the dishes I work on Adelee. It's kind of a social network for you, the kids, and your inner circle. We aim to forge genuine connections, not monetise attention.

Before, I spent a decade taking WeTransfer from zero to one. What a ride! I also tried the agency thing with Present Plus and dabbled in music with Appletree Records, which unfortunately didn't work out. You win sum, you dim sum.

Next to starting companies, I sometimes invest in them. My thesis is simple: people make the difference, so I usually look for folks who create technology or cultural relevance to unfuck the world for future generations.

If any of this makes you wonder, you can email or catch me on Twitter.