Nalden about Ronald about Hans.

I’m an 80’s kid born as Ronald Hans, nick-named Nalden. I dropped out of college to pursue my interests in technology, design and music. This is a biased summary of the past years.

Things started rolling when I built websites as a teenager. Which turned into blogging and went on for over a decade. Blogging was my way of learning, connecting, supporting, sharing & helping others. 

In 2002 I launched a new advertising model to promote artists & brands on my blog, followed by other ventures such as WeTransfer in 2009 and Present Plus in 2010.

Next to creating or investing in companies, I’m a member of the Stedelijk Museum supervisory board. 

It’s been a rollercoaster best described as the most valuable education I could get. 


Selected Press

99u, ParoolCourier MagazineForbes, Fast Company, TechCrunch, Business Insider, Venturebeat,, Financieel Dagblad, Green Soccer Journal, Volkskrant Magazine, Wired , the Drum.


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