Her(e) For Real

What a time to be alive! I'm still wrapping my head around the next wave of possibilities AI is creating. For better or worse. OpenAI released ChatGPT, which is optimised for dialogue, and I must admit the hype is real! Folks went all out testing, as you can see for yourself in this thread. AI will become your new assistant or co-pilot who helps write code and take over the world. The use cases are mind-boggling! In the future, you'll know it's me writing these blogs cuz my "Denglish" will never be perfect. To stay in the loop of AI, I recommend subscribing to Ben's Bites, your daily dose of AI madness!

Rethinking Labels

You're probably tired of all web3 bullshit but bear with me. I'm fascinated by the concept of a Metalabel, which Yancey coined in this mega-clarifying article. Yes, the name kinda sucks, and this type of organisation (a coop) isn't new, yet the timing is right! We now have the technology to support groups of people who share the same interests and collaboratively make, support, and release projects. MSCHF is the obvious one, but check Ampled for musicians, Obscura for photographers or Unnamed Fund for art. All are examples of squad wealth! Cool thing is... anyone can create a DAO using Syndicate.

The Age of Co-Creation With AI

There are a lot of AI-generated visuals poppin' up on the socials these days. Dall•E 2 from OpenAI is making waves. Even more mind-boggling stuff is coming from folks using Midjourney. Laszlito co-created a Batman rendered in a victorian era style, and Jacob Grubbe went for a full series called Sandstorm Samurai. No wonder Nando Costa wrote about the age of co-creation with AI. Undoubtedly, AI will change how we go about the creative process. For better or worse, writing prompts will be one of the primary ways art is created in the future. I'm sure there's a quote for that...

Music NFTs Are A Thing

A lot is happening at the intersection of music and technology. Recently, Water & Music released a report on 2021 music NFT sales, covering over $86 million in revenue and insights into the different forms of utility emerging in the format. Based on this tweet, things seem to be looking more positive for artists. Explore Nina, Catalog, and Sound or browse Mirror for exciting collaborations. It's the tip of the iceberg where music is going, whether the industry likes it or not. One still needs 100 true fans, though.