The Early Bird Gets The Worm

When investing, I prefer early-stage tech companies where I can help people from day one. More specifically, pre-seed & seed stage. I like this phase cuz it's when most of the magic happens. It's more about creating and less about numbers. Building things with like-minded people to solve problems or needs is a meaningful thing to spend time on.

Hence it's a humbling experience to see founders I've backed raise more funding to continue their journeys. Shoutout to Speedinvest for taking the lead in Drop, kudos to Adriaan for cleaning up the cap table at Formitable, and hooray Blue Farm for closing this round. Significant achievements, especially now the market is all over the place.

If you're a struggling entrepreneur reading this and VCs are being a bitch, find one that isn't or consider alternative routes like Calm Fund. Another option is to extend your runway with a bridge loan. Browse the Operator Exchange to find more angels and keep trying. Here's some musical encouragement courtesy of Jill Scott.