No One Dies At A Gypsy Wedding

Arjen Zwart is a photographer who spent more than 15 years following a Roma family in Istanbul. He's now sharing his experiences in a gorgeous self-published book. It's such a rare gem! Apart from the raw black & white photography, this is a unique story about prejudice, love and a sense of community.

No One Dies At a Gypsy Wedding

In 2001 Arjen Zwart met the Vurgun Family and extended Roma community in Alemdar and Yenishara, who generously opened their hearts & homes.

Simple questions arose: Who are these people? How do they live? What defines their identity? What do we know about them? Like anyone, Arjen had specific fantasies and probably some prejudices. He was not aware that many Roma lives in Turkey. To learn more, he decided to follow the lives of the family Vurgun for an uncertain period.

Now, nearly two decades later, the result is a well-documented testament of the highest quality. An ode to the time Arjen spent with these families and the forged relationships for life. An inspiring project asking for more kindness and humanity.


No One Dies At A Gypsy Wedding