What Is A Browser?

Shiiiiiat, Microsoft retired the Internet Explorer after 27 years of service. The end of an era. I remember back in 2009 when Google successfully tried to take over the market with Chrome, asking people what a browser is. I wonder which answers we would get these days. Do people even care? Mozilla still cares. Maybe the browser evolution is cyclical since new kids on the block, like Mighty and The Browser Company, are now challenging the status quo. Anyway... shout out to IE! We've shared many good times in between those blue screens before I went on Safari.

No More Boring Apps

How did our apps get so boring? Andy Allen thinks it's time we put play, aesthetics, and quality-of-life over efficiencies. Hence he made apps like Weather and Calculator cool again. Recently he dropped Habits, cuz if you want to make a meaningful change in your life, it's best to start with something small such as your habits. Kudos Andy. Shit is dope!

Meet The New Framer

With Framer, you can now design and publish websites faster than ever. It's like Webflow on steroids. If you're a startup about to launch a new product, you should mos'def get in touch. They'll help design, deploy and promote your marketing website in no time. Then again, it's also fun to play with Framer yourself, as Daniël did for his own personal site.