Rethinking Labels

You're probably tired of all web3 bullshit but bear with me. I'm fascinated by the concept of a Metalabel, which Yancey coined in this mega-clarifying article. Yes, the name sucks, and this type of organisation (a coop) isn't new; yet the timing is right! We now have the technology to support groups of people who share the same interests and collaboratively make, support, and release projects. MSCHF is the obvious one, but check Ampled for musicians, Obscura for photographers or Unnamed Fund for art. All are examples of squad wealth! If you think this is hard, think again. Anyone can create a DAO using Syndicate or SPV via Odin. From now on, it comes down to cooperation. You know, the thing that separates the homo sapien from the Neaderthaler, hahaha.