Who are you?
I’m Nalden, a father of two, husband to one, founder and investor of some.
Founder of what?
WeTransfer, Adelee, Present Plus and Appletree Records.
Cool. Are you still involved in any?
Not anymore.
Which is why you turned investor?
Not really. Every now & then I back startups like Magic, Syndicate, Vev or Polarsteps.
How about VC?
Same... I’m a lp in early stage funds like NP-Hard, Tiny and WF
So, only tech stuff?!
Also logistics, d2c brands and cinema.
Sounds like you’re an investor though...
Whatever. Did you press play already?
Yes. Wild!
Lazer Sword made this a while ago.
Back in the day, for your notorious blog?!
Hahahaha, yes. When blogging was fun.
So, what’s next?
You’ll see...
Tell me more!
Can I still follow you?
Try Twitter or LinkedIn.

Ok. Anything else?
Be curious, not judgemental.
Isn’t that a quote from...
Yes, Walt Whitman.
How do I get in touch?
Email works best.
Aight, thanks for catching up!
Waz about